Marcxell Medical is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of highly specialized medical products in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Founded by the Marcxell Group as the world’s first exclusive agency for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Marcxell Medical is a leading healthcare company, providing innovative and first-class solutions throughout the pharmaceutical value chain.

Representing pharmaceutical manufacturers has enabled Marcxell Medical to become a full-fledged pharmaceutical company, capable of developing, registering and supplying finished dosage forms to marketing organizations worldwide. We have a remarkable ability to anticipate new developments and launch new businesses around the world.

Construction of pharmaceutical plants

Assembly line production

Distribution of vaccines and drugs

Creation of medical research laboratories

Since its inception, Marcxell Medical has focused on the research and development of niche brands to meet the needs of our customers.

Marcxell Medical is a company highly specialized in the distribution of pharmaceutical and hospital products and equipment worldwide. Since our creation, we have successfully tried to bring to our market international products and brands of great notoriety:

We are the exclusive distributor in pharmacies of the major brands

We distribute the best and highest quality vaccines worldwide

Our collaboration is primarily governmental and hospital-based

We work closely with the world’s health organizations

Our investments in pharmaceutical facilities and research are linked with states and governments around the world

Our goal is to offer consumers high-quality products

We are continually looking for new projects to add to our offering

With our medicines, you profit from a high level of quality and the best standards and from our increased flexibility. Our goal is to meet your expectations as best as possible and to comply with your strictest requirements. This principle also applies to the form of administration, whether tablets, capsules, gel caps, creams, sprays, injections, vials, ampoules, blister packs, or other types of packaging. Our ready-to-use formulations are of course certified. Depending on the product, the ready-to-use medicines have a defined stability level for the following climate zones: zone I, zone II, zone III, zone IVa, zone IVb.

We develop your product (Finished Dosage Form) with excellent certified manufacturers. In addition, you will receive the production file for registration in the target market. Depending on the market requirements, we can also conduct a bioequivalence study. We help you to commercialize your drug and support you with our pharmaceutical expertise and our solid market knowledge in many countries around the world. Benefit now from a well-dosed success! Simply contact us.


With our products and solutions, we are changing the health of tomorrow. We are a leading healthcare company providing innovative and first-class solutions along the pharmaceutical value chain. Distribution of APIs and development, manufacturing and registration of finished dosage forms are our core competencies. The world's most trusted brands rely on our pioneering spirit and pharmaceutical excellence. By leveraging our global presence, including our own laboratories and manufacturing facilities, we strive to make pharmaceuticals more affordable, more available, and better than ever before. Our employees are driven by one goal every day: to improve the lives of millions of patients around the world.

Marcxell Medical is the healthcare order of the future.
MM   medical®


We specialize in high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, adjuvants, and intermediates, and work with certified manufacturers.


Our solutions are adapted to all expectations: We offer the highest level of flexibility regarding active ingredients, dosages, drug forms, and packaging and support you throughout the registration process.


Our experience and know-how for successful certification: Our audit team advises API manufacturers. We accompany them throughout the process to ensure a successful audit.


Own brands and marketing of foreign brands for the health and medical sector: from the portfolio of vaccines, drugs, cosmetics, electronic equipment, syringes, to pregnancy and HIV tests. Marcxell Medical is a solution for your health.


Our way to ensure your success: The ready-to-sell medicine with your brand name and company name – in any desired form of administration. We put our marketing know-how to work for you and your future markets.


Seize your opportunity in emerging markets and conquer new segments: Produce your drug of tomorrow with us. You will receive a market-ready drug from MM medical – branded with your country’s logo and your design.

The success of our own brand MM medical® continues to grow. The very modern range of vaccines and medicines is also available in many countries around the world as consumer products. Our modern, quality brand is highly appreciated by our customers. Our goal is to expand our product range in many countries and to ensure  continuous growth in demand. The MM medical® brands complete the product range.

With the successful product MM medical®, Marcxell Medical also takes its responsibility for society to heart. We support the fight against HIV transmission by sponsoring NGOs and governments. For example, we participate in many global events with MM medical® and promote the use of our products. We also take part in information campaigns in schools, explaining the dangers of the transmission of viruses and other sexually transmitted diseases, and the use of condoms.

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