We live in a world in which 1.3 billion people lack access to effective health care. Despite our limited possibilities in comparison, we as Marcxell Medical consider this as the key task of our commitment. In addition to political health structures, one of the main problems is overpriced products and dysfunctional distribution channels. All the initiatives of public and private organizations will not change this in the future. This is why Marcxell Medical offers quality for future health.

In the future, our company will focus on optimizing existing and proven active ingredients. In this way, we develop drugs that are much cheaper than similar products. We do not refine existing drugs but focus exclusively on solutions that ensure basic health care in countries without an optimal structure.

Marcxell Medical strives to reduce its environmental impact and improve its ecological credentials. As a future-oriented company, our main goal is sustainability, i.e. using natural resources as efficiently and thoughtfully as possible. This includes an ecological approach to water use, storage facilities, logistics, chemical use and waste disposal in all areas of our business and throughout the supply chain. While we passionately believe in making a difference, we are aware that we are only at the beginning of a long road to becoming a green and climate-neutral company. Please contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can make positive changes.


All Marcxell Medical products are subject to the strictest quality controls. From the purchase of raw materials through production to the inspection of finished products, we monitor every step of the manufacturing process. Our quality assurance department validates the product for distribution under the internationally known and copyrighted eagle head emblem only when the quality is absolute.

Independent, state-certified laboratories assist our employees and support them in their work. Thus, the tests are based on internationally valid standards such as EP, BP, USP, DIN EN, and ISO. In addition, we test all medical products for ease of use. All medical products carry the MM label, which is also recognized outside the EU as a quality label. It also facilitates regional approvals.

As a general pharmaceutical company, we ensure the absolute quality of our business. Marcxell Medical is certified according to the internationally recognized standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. As a company operating in a sensitive sector, quality production is a matter of course. People all over the world trust us and this trust is our most valuable asset.

In addition to our worldwide production, we also manufacture Marcxell Medical quality products in other EU countries and in Asia. This is granted by our specially trained employees and is based on precise control of all production processes and the willingness of the future partner to optimize these, if necessary, to the desired quality level.

This continuous monitoring of all licensed partners also takes place during production. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality standard that our customers expect from Marcxell Medical products. The collaboration is thus on a partnership level. We do not see licensing as a one-way street, but rather as the beginning of a collaboration for the benefit of all parties.

Currently, we are ready to deliver in more than 107 countries. This is where our efficiency lies, from where our customers can be confident of their supplies all over the world by truck, ship or plane. We work exclusively with forwarding companies specialized in medical transports.

Our logistics department carries out a final check for each shipment and guarantees the smooth running of the processes between us and our authorized wholesalers worldwide. These wholesalers supply hospitals, pharmacies and numerous charitable organizations in the respective countries.

As international partners, they are our representatives in their countries. They ensure that the right and necessary products are always available in sufficient quantities at all times. Despite all the logistical expertise, individual procurement is only possible in exceptional cases. We will provide you with the wholesaler’s contact details on request. However, we are also happy to advise prospects on individual deliveries.

United Nations Global Compact

In order to better assume our social commitment, we have taken the initiative to officially support the United Nations Global Compact with its 10 principles on Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption in the health sector.

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